Value Proposition

MD3 will conduct research focused on materials data science and informatics approaches to accelerate materials design, development and deployment. The faculty invites interested organizations to become members and participate in the research activities conducted at the Center. As part of MD3’s commitment to its academic and industry members, MD3 seeks to facilitate exploration of open source and commercial data science methods within the materials innovation ecosystem with a strong focus on workforce development and retraining.

R&D in data science and informatics via:

  • Integrated projects making use of existing and emergent state-of-the-art best practices and methods, tailored to your needs
  • Methods to accelerate process development with data-driven decision support
  • Strategies to identify and organize important materials data and accumulated knowledge, including important electronic metadata in materials development
  • Accelerated qualification procedures for vendors and the supply chain


Preparing the 21st century workforce for accelerated materials design, development and deployment through:

  • Low entry cost opportunity to familiarize and train your current employees in MD3
  • Increased exposure of your organization to modern data science tools and e-collaboration platforms for materials discovery and development
  • Networking with domain experts at the nexus of materials science, manufacturing, data science, and high throughput methods, including commercial data services vendors; closer linkage of OEMs and their supply chains


IDEAS for Materials Design, Development & Deployment