Through the Center for Materials Design Development and Deployment (MD3), the Georgia Institute of Technology has established the first university-industry collaborative research center in the nation focused solely on materials data science and enabled by a robust cyber infrastructure, e-collaboration platforms, and query -able persistent data warehousing. MD3 also serves as an attractor for industry and startups working at the intersection of materials discovery, development and big data at the new, campus adjacent HPC facility. MD3 and its partners will also establish the first comprehensive materials e-innovation ecosystem.

MD3 will promote the recently formed South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub, part of a network of four regional Big Data Hubs, launched by the National Science Foundation and funded in part by host universities and other partners. Managed jointly by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the South Hub serves 16 states and the District of Columbia—from Texas to Delaware—with more than 1000 members from universities, corporations, foundations, and cities committing their support.

As MD3 will identify a specific set of problems that address the broad interests of industry partners, while being relevant to the scientific and technological foundations described above.

IDEAS for Materials Design, Development & Deployment


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